As we prepare for our wonderful time out on Star Island, please do not forget about our annual silent auction.  This is our major fundraiser to benefit our beautiful island retreat.  

What is the money raised used for?

The money that we raise is used to provide funds to women who need additional support to be able to attend our conference as well as being donated to the island for improvements, maintenance, and to continue to keep our costs low. 


eclectic items, something handmade, star-themed items, jewelry, honey,  jams, gift certificates, books, bags, services, over night getaways, pampering items, candles, pottery, chocolate, theme basket, scarf, pottery, artwork       

There will be one auction for the week. We welcome all guests on the island to bid high and bid often! If you forget your donated item for the auction, bring your checkbook and remember to bid! Any help that you can provide for our island will be most appreciated!